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The future of clean windows begins with cleaner water!

We use a three part filtration system and specially designed carbon fibre water-fed poles to provide our customers with crystal clear spot-free windows every time. The water first passes through a carbon filter, followed by a Reverse Osmosis filter and finally gets polished by a resin filled De-ionizing filter.  By running the water through this three step filtration system we are able to attain zero mineral, zero sediment and zero parts per million ultra pure result.  Because pure water is particle and mineral free it evaporates spot-free leaving windows cleaner than ever possible using conventional squeegee cleaning techniques.

The future of clean windows is ladder free!

By using our Water-Fed Pole system we are able to clean windows and gutters on buildings and homes up to 60 feet tall, all while keeping our workers planted safely on the ground.  By keeping our workers off ladders, we are able to insure their safety by protecting them from potential fall hazards and protecting your property from the potential damage that can be caused by leaning ladders against your house.

Safer is always better!!

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The future of clean windows is ELITE!

By choosing Elite Window Cleaning, you are choosing a company who loves every aspect of what we do. Our goal is to provide the safest, cleanest and most cost effective window cleaning available today.  By streamlining our process, we are able to pass the savings along to our customers making clean windows affordable to everyone.  Our clean cut, uniformed team are trained in all aspects of window cleaning and customer service to insure that your experience is spotless from start to finish. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on every window we clean.

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At Elite Window Cleaning we love pure clean water. We love it because pure water allows us to provide our customers with spotless windows while keeping our workers safely on the ground. We also understand that we are very fortunate to have access to clean water and we want to do our part to insure that one day everyone around the world will have access to clean drinking water.

When you schedule an annual cleaning package which includes, Spring and Fall window cleaning and a Fall Gutter cleaning, we will make a donation to Water Aid Canada to help provide clean drinking water in communities without access to this basic human need.

By choosing Elite Window Cleaning you are not only choosing a Cleaner, Safer, Better window cleaning company. You are also choosing a company who believes everyone should have access to water that is Cleaner, Safer, Better!