Superheroes Surprise Pediatric Ward at KGH

“It’s a good thing superheroes aren’t afraid of heights.” – BBC News

In August of 2016, our usual team that cleans the windows of Kingston General Hospital dressed up as superheroes, to the delight of pediatric patients inside. Patients, visitors and staff looked out their windows to see comicbook favourites coming down the side of the hospital.

Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Superman, Thor and GI Joe assembled for this window cleaning job, and the KGH photographer captured the reactions on the children’s faces. You may have seen these pictures shared on social media.

Our window-cleaning superheroes were drawing smiley faces in the soap and giving the kids thumbs up through the glass. It was a unique, personal experience to be able to help the children escape their struggles if even for a little while.

“No one will forget the day they saw super heroes doing their chores.” – KGH

KGH had approached us with the idea of dressing up for the pediatric patients who are on the top floor of the hospital. We thought it would be fun and were definitely willing to help out. None of us were prepared for the profound impact the experience would have on us.

We were honoured to provide the children with a fun and memorable day that could make them feel powerful in the vulnerable position of being admitted to hospital. Sick or injured kids were waving and laughing, overcoming their frailty in their excitement.

“It was awesome!” – Luke Carter, 7

One of the patients, Luke Carter, had been in casts from a bicycle crash and was moved from critical care to the other side of the hospital in order to witness the event.

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