Window cleaning is typically known to be a dangerous job because accessing windows usually involves the use of a ladder. Ladders are dangerous to work on, and when you work on one for a living the odds of injury are extremely high. At Elite, we have taken a completely proactive approach to window cleaning. Using Water Fed Poles that can reach over 70 feet, you will never catch us on a ladder.


To this day companies still send their employees up on ladders with full knowledge of the risk that goes along with it. Just last month a man in Calgary was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after he fell off of a ladder.

“…he fell approximately three to four meters from a ladder, landing on the concrete floor” – EMS Spokesperson Adam Loria

At Elite we have teamed up with Reach-IT, and we’re locked and loaded with the safest and

most innovative window cleaning alternative. We send our crews out with poles that can reach anything from 20 feet to over 70 feet. This method keeps our employees safely on the ground.

Unfortunately, due to different variables, many window cleaning companies have not made the switch

to a cleaner, safer, better approach to window cleaning such as ours. Although the initial investment of the ladder-free system may be expensive, the return on safety is priceless.

You may be wondering about the quality of cleaning we can do when we are 70 feet down from the window that we are cleaning. The systems that we use here at Elite produce water that is 99.99% pure. This water is clean and molecularly pure; once it dries it will not leave a single streak or spot. This completely eliminates the need to use soap or squeegees, and then eliminates the need to be anywhere but the ground. You can read more about the science behind this filtration system here.

It’s no surprise for us to have a small crowd gathered around us in amazement when we are cleaning in a busy area of town. It’s new, it’s innovative, and honestly it’s awesome.

We are so excited for the future at Elite Window Cleaning. We are not only excited to continue making customers’ days, but we are also excited to be a part of a movement: breaking the stereotype of the typical, ladder-hoarding window cleaning crew.

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