My First year as an Elite Window Cleaner


Weekends off. That is a short, incomplete sentence that hadn’t carried much meaning to me for almost 15 years at my former employment.

Along with some other parataxis such as: Working outdoors, evenings off, and winter trips. More common words I would have used to describe my previous profession would have been: stressed, late nights, missed holidays, and fruitless. I felt trapped and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. By happenstance and pure luck my situation turned for the better in early spring of 2017, though. I was in the right place at the right time and I was introduced to my future career. Within minutes of the first chat we had, I knew I was onto something that would change my circumstances for the better, and bring me a new balance of life.


“My new office was now outside; A roving job pod with all the tools and gadgets I needed to complete my day on time and efficiently.”

Waking up in the morning has an entirely new feeling. Starting my day with a new beat in my step and a whole new outlook on life. That might sound dramatic, but the change of lifestyle for me was so drastic that friends and family were continuously commenting on how happy and energetic I was after taking on my new position with Elite Window Cleaning. My new office was now outside; A roving job pod with all the tools and gadgets I needed to complete my day on time and efficiently. Fresh air and a healthy lifestyle came hand in hand with my new work. I lost a well needed 30 pounds within my first two months with the company. I had so much new energy that translated into my day to day presence. Part of my successful transition to becoming a window cleaner was in part due to the company culture that surrounds Elite Window Cleaning. The general enthusiasm for an extraordinary life that Chris and Chris continuously strive for themselves is infectious and something that is easily picked up with their support and encouragement. When I originally spoke with Chris and Chris from Elite, they were beaming about how terrific window cleaning is as a profession. It was almost like they were sharing a secret with me. Something they had figured out a decade ago and wanted to gift to me. I was apprehensive of their conviction when I first started working with Elite, but I quickly came to find the same joy they earned through the work we do on a daily basis. Rain or shine I was outside cleaning windows with a smile on my face. Nothing could change how much I enjoyed my new job.

I’m sure by now you can see how much I love being part of the Elite Window Cleaning team. But there’s another level to it for me… I get to take this new found excitement and job skill and share it with people who are embarking on their own new career paths. Based on my previous experience as a professional corporate trainer and manager I was asked to combine my skillset to work with and teach new satellite owners everything needed to own their own successful window cleaning business. I couldn’t be more stoked to give other people what Chris and Chris gave me through Elite Window Cleaning. Over the past season I’ve had the opportunity to work with and train 5 local hires in Kingston ON. I am especially proud of working with the owner and operator of the companies first satellite office in Kitchener ON. With a combined 80 hours spent working together, Nolan Lindley has acquired the same excitement and passion I discovered while working with Elite. Everything Nolan has learned from me has translated into a successful and growing business ownership. With 40 hours of training in Kingston, and 40 hours of training in Kitchener Nolan had comfortably obtained all the knowledge and experience needed to work on his own with only minimal support from our central location in Kingston. The system that Elite Window Cleaning has developed is so easily learned that it translates into a quick turn around time on investments made.

“I truly believe the innovative and efficient way we clean windows is the future of the business.”

One could label my enthusiasm for Elite Window Cleaning as “Drinking the Kool-aid” but I truly believe the innovative and efficient way we clean windows is the future of the business. If the first year with Elite is any indication of what’s to come I can confidently say I will be very busy in the coming years. I look forward to meeting new satellite owners and sharing my experience with them. I look forward traveling the country and growing new locally owned business. Hearing success stories from the people I helped take their first steps to creating a new future for themselves. I look forward to learning and growing with the business, and to continuously evolve into a better version of myself. I look forward to my continued weekends off 😉

Harry Witton

Elite Window Cleaning Corporate Trainer


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