Believing In The Work You Do – Taking Pride & Being Supported

Pictured above is Nathan Cameron, a new addition to the Franchise network for the 2019 season. Nathan is the Franchise Owner for the Belleville-Brighton-Napanee area and worked with the Elite corporate office for a season before deciding to run his own operation. As we start preparing for our 2019 season we wanted to ask our Franchisees some questions about how their introduction to Elite Window Cleaning began, what about their 35-week year they enjoy the most and if they have any goals for the coming year (for more info on franchise opportunities click here).

Q: Nathan, What about Elite Window Cleaning made it stand out to you as a business you would want to be involved with?

My work experience with Elite began simply as a technician working in the Belleville/Brighton/Napanee region. I was on the job for no more than two days before I knew this was something I could see myself doing for years to come. Professionally and personally I was ready for a change, and Elite was there at the right time. The business intrigued me from the start, and it was apparent Elite was driving hard towards something truly special with their Job Pod program. Combined with the amazing people I began working with in the field and at head office, I felt welcomed into the team and the culture instantly. That was big for me. Making a big change in your life in your 30’s is scary, but becoming a part of this company was good for me on so many levels. I’m grateful for that.

As soon as there was a franchise opportunity on the table, I knew I had a real chance to keep doing the job I loved and finally build something of my own.
Q: Specifically, why a service-based industry. What about the business model gave you the confidence to make this change?
My previous work experience was in food service and catering for almost 13 years, so truthfully a service based industry is all I’ve ever known. It was abundantly clear very early on, that Elite could offer me so much more with a work life balance – something that had eluded me in my previous profession. I received some great training early on, so my transition to a window cleaner felt natural.
The support that Elite head office provides is immeasurable. From client management, billing, scheduling and every little job in between, it brings you a sense of security when you’re out there in the field that they have your back. It helps you focus on the task at hand.
I’m a technician at heart and truly enjoy the work I do and getting through the day’s schedule. There’s something to be said about driving to the next client in beautiful areas like Prince Edward County or the Quinte lake-shore region in July. The novelty hasn’t worn off for me. Taking time to enjoy the little things comes through in your work. Clients notice it.
Q: For you personally, what appeals to you about the Elite franchise business model?

I’m still in awe at the hard work and ingenuity that the team at Elite has put into the Job Pod. It makes us unique, and it makes us stand out in the industry. Using the technology day in and day out, and seeing the results made me a believer in our vision for what low-rise window cleaning should be. But it’s also our aesthetic. Everything from the Job Pods we drive, to our uniforms and presentation is what makes the Elite brand special, and consistent. How our clients perceive us is so important to me, because it shows we take serious pride in our service and company vision. I feel the public is hungry for more businesses to project that friendly image and own it. Elite does that, and I cannot overstate how important I think that is. This is the ideology and brand I want my franchise to bring to the the Belleville/Napanee/Brighton region.

Q: Do you feel value in the 35 Week business model? And what do you plan to do with your winters off?

While window cleaning does traditionally have low and high seasons, I feel the Elite franchise model will allow owners like me to make the absolute best of both. The efficiency of our Job Pods allows us to reach unheard of numbers of both residential and commercial clients each warm weather month of operation, but I see so much potential in other aspects of our business. From high-rise interior, commercial interior and store-fronts, fostering good relationships with all our clients will keep some work year round – or fit it all into the 35 week schedule. The flexibility for each individual owner makes this such a great business model to adopt. But there’s always time to kick back, and I plan on doing some long overdue traveling this winter to see my family, who are spread out across the world right now.

Q: What are you most excited about with regards to starting your 2019 season? Do you have any big goals/milestones you’re aiming for?
I’m a new business owner, and 2019 will be my first year of operation. There’s pressure in that, but for me I’m caught up in the possibilities. I know how hard I worked for others in the past – and now I get to do it for myself. I have a great network of support around me and I’m feeling more confident than ever.
This will be the third year Elite has operated in the Belleville/Brighton/Napanee area and the response year over year has been exponential. Our clients there love our brand and I plan on building that trust. As for milestones, I want to run my Job Pod with four consecutive $20,000 months, or more. Achieving this will be instrumental to expanding to two Job Pods for 2020.
Being able to sign on the dotted line of my own franchise was the result of some serious hard work by myself, and those that believe in what I can do for this brand. My ultimate goal, and I feel responsibility, of being an early franchisee is to be a flag bearer for the company. I want my franchise to be a great example for Elite, and I’m setting my own standards very high.

More information on Franchise Opportunities can be found here.

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