Elite Window Cleaning 2020 Season (Why We Survived)


Elite 2020 Season (Why We Survived)

The following sentence perfectly describes the Elite 2020 Season. We’re still here cleaning windows, it just looks a little different sometimes. You could also try “everything changed and everything stayed the same.”

When businesses were ordered closed in March, we didn’t know what was going to happen. We didn’t know when we would be able to start again. There wasn’t anything we could do in the moment. However, we started to think about what services we could offer in a modified capacity.

Centralized Focus

We rolled back corporate expansions we had been considering for the Elite 2020 season. We did this so that we could focus on our main base of operations and our 4 Franchise areas. Those locations are Kingston, Belleville, Ottawa, Peterborough and Whitby/Pickering. It has proved to be one of our most profitable years because of this centralized focus from our back-office team and franchise partners.

Once Phase 1 began, we started by offering exterior only services to clients. Because we use Water-Fed Poles, we could keep our technicians safely on the ground and socially distanced from clients.

The biggest indicator that we were going to get through the height of the pandemic was that our phone kept ringing every single day. We were having to turn away work because we couldn’t offer interior services. Some clients ended up doing the work themselves, but a lot of clients were happy to wait, so we put them on a list to call out as soon as government regulations changed.

We offered interior services at the beginning of Phase 2. Due to the backlog of interior appointments, we had a large pool of clients that were waiting for just this. We also saw an increase in the incoming calls once Phase 2 began.

The 2020 Season is all about Client Relationships

Throughout the process, our focus was always listening to our clients and communicating to the best of our ability. The success of every business is based on its clientele and we have always tried to provide the best customer service possible. We keep personalized notes on file with all of our calls, quotes and jobs.

We saw these long-term efforts pay off with huge dividends this year – our clients were incredibly understanding of the situation and the restrictions we had as a business. Conversations that would typically be difficult were made much easier because of the relationships that we worked on building over the years.

In the home services industry, the relationship that you foster is the most important part of the job. Most anyone can perform a home service, what makes a service company like Elite stand out is focusing on the desires of the client while you’re there and ensuring they are “wowed” before you leave.

We’re thankful that building client relationships is what Elite has always focused on. Our fantastic customer relationships are what allowed us to stay successful in an uncertain year. To read more about how we accomplish our goals we’ve linked to some helpful articles below.

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