3 Best Reasons to Buy an Elite Window Cleaning Franchise for 2021

Elite Window Cleaning Franchises

(3 Best Reasons to buy in 2021)

We currently have 4 Elite Window Cleaning Franchise Owners in our network (Ottawa, Belleville, Peterborough and Whitby). We are headquartered out of Kingston, Ontario and are employing over 30 corporate full-time staff for our 2020 season.

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1. Primed areas with an existing client-base are available to purchase for the 2021 season.

This year we had to pull back from some of the corporate areas we had been servicing, due to Covid-19. An inability to capitalize on the “Spring rush” was crippling to our plans. Our operations also spanned across several municipalities. With varying responses to Covid-19 from each area, we decided to stick with our Headquarters and our 4 Franchisees.

There are thousands of clients across Ontario who are waiting for a service call from Elite Window Cleaning in 2021. These are clients who already know what they want, who have already been in contact with our Office team and who are ready to be serviced.

This leads directly into the second reason you should purchase an Elite Window Cleaning franchise.

2. Back-Office Support System.

An Elite Window Cleaning Franchisee will have all of these clients contacted by our corporate back-office for them. This is the power of a back-office support system.

Outgoing sales, business planning, client management, scheduling, route-mapping, online booking, invoicing, marketing and analytics are all covered by a back-office support team with decades of experience. 

Above all, our comprehensive back-end support gives our Franchisees the confidence to run the business the way they want. Conveniently, it also provides a network of professionals to bounce ideas off of. However, the biggest benefit is certainly having incoming and outgoing phone-calls handled by our call centre. All of this means that our owners can spend the majority of their day looking for ways to grow their business.

Franchisees are involved in the planning and high-level management of their schedule. In conjunction, we are constantly providing insight, feedback and recommendations in relation to the goals they have set. 

This support is top-to-bottom for the business too. Franchise owners regularly plan out the big picture of what they want their business to grow into and how they see it happening. For instance, they sit down with Founder and CEO, Chris Stoness on a weekly basis. Additionally, franchise owners can get into the specifics of any component of the business. Franchisees can run analytics on their own at any time. As well, we run weekly/monthly reports that monitor the overall health of the business.

3. No national competitor.

Try and find a competitor that dominates the window cleaning landscape. You can’t – no company has done it yet. Right now, there is no “Subway,” “A&W” or “McDonalds” of the window cleaning world, it’s all still relatively small companies.

Right now, the largest competitors in the world are not as strong as you think. Nonetheless, compare them yourself. As an example, look at the presence that these companies have in the areas they operate and compare any of them to our operations. We’re confident that we can go toe-to-toe or outperform any of them.

Competitors: Shack Shine, Men in Kilts, Diamond Window Cleaning, Clear View Window Cleaning

Clearly, a dedicated Franchisee can become the number 1 window cleaning company in their area. This is especially true with the support of a back-office support system. Window cleaning businesses are investment opportunities which have been ignored because of bad perception and a historically high associated risk (from working at heights). Elite Window Cleaning franchises have turned this perception on its head by removing ladders (using Water-fed Poles instead) and focusing on a clean-cut and well-maintained business model.

To summarize, you can buy a franchise business for 2021 that has been primed over previous years. An Elite Window Cleaning Franchise is an investment that will yield great results – just hear what our Franchisees have to say.

Interview: Ottawa Franchisee

Interview: Belleville Franchisee

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