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The 51 Percent

Let’s look at some of the fundamental reasons why the back office support team sets Franchise Owners up for success. Learn how this team works with our Franchise Owners here.

The first is that Elite Window Cleaning offers an incredible service, and it’s executed by an even better team. $98 Exterior Window Cleaning (this gets people in the door) and we 100% Guarantee our work. It’s a low-cost provider that simultaneously offers great service and guarantees the result. Very few businesses can say they offer the lowest price AND a quality guarantee. This is what we call “The 51 Percent.” It’s because 49 percent of what we do is clean windows, the rest is making sure our clients are delighted by our service.


Back Office Support

Next, our founders leveraged decades of experience as window cleaners and business leaders to bring our Franchise Owners the safest and most advanced window cleaning system on the planet, backed by an industry leading support network and call centre (Back Office Support). Throughout the 2019 and 2020 seasons, we proudly closed over 85% of incoming calls.

The back office is a corporate-run facility that handles incoming calls, coaching, and offers in-house marketing & national brand awareness. It is the backbone of our industry-leading system.

Above all, we created the back-office to give our Franchise Owners the ability to focus on growing their business and building client relationships, without missing a beat on behind-the-scenes elements.

Combine all of this together and we have created a franchise system which gives our Franchise Owners the tools to build the financial future they want, all while working a 35-week season (yes, that means 4 months off!)

Now, you may be asking yourself, what makes our Back Office Support so effective at what it does? Here are 3 of the biggest takeaways.


Support Key Elements

1. Specialization

Elite Window Cleaning employs all of our call centre agents. This means that the agents have been trained to the specifics of the window cleaning industry, by our team. Further, our agents are not answering calls for other companies, as some call centres do. Our agents have their full and undivided attention on Elite Window Cleaning Clientele and Franchise Owners. Consequently, our back office team is able to create incredible results.

2. Standardization

To sum up, our pricing is set up to offer quotes can be offered faster than any other window cleaning company. 95% of the time we are able to offer a quote right then and there on the call. This is a huge issue that traditional service providers run into all the time – the logistics of quoting. First, we remove the need to go out and physically see the house. Next, pricing is based on the square footage. Finally, we ask a few other questions about the property, and verifying those questions using Google Maps. After one change in process, we dramatically increased our conversion percentage. In conclusion, during the 2019 and 2020 seasons we proudly converted over 85% of incoming calls.

3. Personalization

We take pride in our ability to keep our customers delighted by our service year over year. Each year we add a whole new group of clients from all the positive talk of our “delighting” service. Further, we add this clientele on top of all the clients from previous years. By looking to build long-term relationships on the other end of the call, we make sure to take the best possible care of the personalized needs of every client.

Franchise Back Office Support


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