Why a Window Cleaning Franchise is a Great Investment

This article will go through the 5 best reasons as to why an Elite Window Cleaning Franchise is a great investment. For more information on our Franchise Ownership Program Click Here.


1. Back Office Support

Firstly, all Franchise Owners are provided with full-time back office support. For example, your calls and online bookings will be answered by a sales team that proudly converts over 85% of incoming clients. For more details on our call centre Click Here. In addition, Franchise Owners are supported in their marketing and advertising efforts. For instance, this is done directly through a national marketing fund and indirectly through ongoing spend recommendations. 


2. A Window Cleaning Franchise is Under the Radar

This is an industry that has been overlooked because of the association of ladders and high risk. Historically, it was the work of an “expendable” not a specialist. As such, window cleaning, on the surface, does not appear to be very profitable. However, it could not be further from the truth. The demand for clean windows is a constant that we’ve seen survive through a global pandemic. Further, client expectations as it relates to service quality have only increased in recent years. This leads to having a large “gap” in the industry where Elite Window Cleaning positions itself. We are miles ahead of the professionalism found at local vendors in terms of quality. Simultaneously, we are able to offer a price point at a fraction of the cost of the competition. 


3. Highly Fragmented Window Cleaning Industry

Because the industry is so “under the radar” your direct competition is not likely to be looking to grow their business. The window cleaning industry all across the world is dominated by local “mom & pop” operations. Many of these businesses are just looking to maintain the same number of clients year over year. This leaves a huge opportunity on the table for anyone looking to introduce competition to the local window cleaning scene.


4. Zero Innovation

The invention of the squeegee was in 1936. We are driving the first major technological revolution to occur since then. Water fed poles are the future of the industry and a specialized workforce will be the winners. Elite Franchise Owners lead the pack by specializing service offering, standardizing operations and personalizing interactions with clients.


5. Existing Client Bases Available for 2021

Finally, we have already done a lot of the heavy lifting and spent a full year growing Elite Window Cleaning across Ontario. Consequently, we are ready to bring in an ideal candidate to take over. As part of our pre-seeded cohort, you will be purchasing a business that already has clients calling in.


Combining all of these factors together, you get an extremely disruptive business right out of the can. And that’s what Elite Window Cleaning is here to offer you, the opportunity to disrupt an industry with us. Click Here for more information on our Franchise Ownership Program.


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