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Our Brand Promise

Perfect Windows, Happy Technicians, Delighted Customers – Satisfaction guaranteed.

This is our promise to all of our clients every single time they use our service. We guarantee our results because we stand behind the people we employ and the work we complete.

At Elite, we want to make your windows shine and sparkle every year – not just once. We recognize that this means we have to provide an exceptional experience from start to finish. Here are 4 ways Elite guarantees results:


Instant Quotes/Bookings

At Elite, the first step we’ve taken is making it faster and easier for Clients to book in. By offering quotes and appointments over-the-phone we can give clients all the information they want on their first call. We don’t require on-site visits (except for large commercial properties and post-construction cleanings) which means clients don’t need to wait around for an estimate. Clients can even “get a free quote in a minute” with our online quote calculator.


Up-to-date Information

The second step is using Vonigo, an application we’ve customized to Elite Window Cleaning. It stores appointment notes and details across our entire business. As a result, this means employees on the phone and in the field always have the same up-to-date information. Further, technicians cleaning windows are able to upload photos and videos directly to client appointments. Ultimately, by providing employees with the right knowledge, Elite can guarantee exceptional service quality across operations.


Knowledgeable Employees

Third, we run our own Call Centre out of our Head Office in Kingston, Ontario. This guarantees a knowledgeable staff and a direct line to our operations team members in the field. It also means that every single person you are interacting with at Elite (on the phone, over email, text message, etc) is being treated fairly and equitably. Proudly, Elite has been able to keep our office staff employed throughout the 2020 and 2021 seasons.


Water-fed Pole Advantage

The last way Elite guarantees client satisfaction is by making window cleaning easier for our own technicians. This means employees can focus their time on delivering exceptional customer service. We do this by using the water-fed poles with purified water. This is a system we have used to clean 1+ Million windows. It eliminates the need for ladders (99% of the time) and means we can clean all the windows on the outside of a standard home in about 30 minutes. Above all, water-fed window cleaning is safest and most effective way to clean exterior windows.

All of these factors contribute to the success of Elite, but it is when they are put together that we see exceptional results.


Our Perfect Windows Guarantee

At Elite, we pride ourselves on Perfect Windows, Happy Technicians and Delighted Customers. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every window we clean. For example, if you are not happy with the result we will re-clean your windows free of charge to ensure we are delivering on our promise. We want all of our clients (new and old) to rest assured that they are choosing a professional company that guarantees their work when they choose Elite Window Cleaning.

If you are looking for a quote or an appointment, please give our office a call at 1-844-535-4835 or Click here to get a free quote in a minute



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