Despite all the challenges of the past 2 years, Elite achieved growth across the board in 2021. This takes 2 major forms: Commercial Growth, and Residential Growth.


Commercial Growth in 2021

Our Head Office is in Kingston, Ontario. It is our tenth year of operating in Kingston and we have been able to scale the business well past $1 Million in annual revenue. The population of Kingston is roughly 136,000 people. Elite has become “The Window Cleaning Company in Kingston” by maintaining large contracts. For example: the City of Kingston, Queen’s University, Homestead and several construction companies. Click here to see a list of commercial clients that use Elite services across all of our Franchisees. Above all, by building a reputation across the commercial sector, Elite has built a diversified portfolio of clients who provide work year-round.


Residential Growth in 2021

This residential growth can be attributed to 3 factors: Radio, Reviews and Up-selling. Because $98 Window Cleaning is such a compelling message, we decided to invest in a having it play on the 2 most listened to radio stations in Kingston all season long. Consequently, the returns have spoken for themselves. Second, we introduced a new program where our technicians ask for a review when they complete a job. As a result, this simple change increased our reviews by over 494% in a single season. You can read more about that initiative here. And the final contributor to an incredible season of growth was up-selling from our office staff. By bundling services and building relationships, our back office has been able to increase the average purchase size of our clients every single year.


Revenue growth, client purchase size growth, and reviews sky-rocketing are all signs of a very successful season. Combine that with a back office close rate of 85% and you can see why Franchisees love working with the Elite system.


Franchise Growth

Continuing on the trend of success, every single one of our Franchisees experienced growth in 2021. This is unsurprising because Elite Kingston operates with the same systems as each of the Franchise locations. Because of this, each Franchisee gets to learn based off of the experiences of the others. This means Radio will become a highly recommended advertising tool, having seen its success across a whole season.


One final reason our Franchisees all experienced growth is because the Elite system has been designed with scale in mind. This isn’t a business that is meant to be run as a single vehicle owner/operator, it is designed to have an entire fleet of job pods. Our prices, our systems and our service guarantee only get stronger over time, which is what we’ve seen across our entire network of Franchisees in 2021.


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