Back Office Highlights 2021

Elite had a very successful 2021 season. You can read about our system-wide growth here, and our marketing strategy here. The two biggest achievements of the back office this season are increasing: the average bookings per client and total bookings year-over-year. And as always, our incoming close rate is still above 85%. In this post, I’ll be going over how Elite’s back office builds the blueprint for such success.

Let’s talk about some of the strategies and tactics that got Elite here.


Bundle Pricing

We know our $98 Exterior Window Cleaning price is a homerun. It’s a foot in the door in any neighbourhood across Canada. But it’s not about just the exterior windows. Enter, bundle pricing. Elite offers “The Full Sha-Bang!” (exterior/interior window cleaning + screen cleaning). It’s an incredibly common sales tactic, because it allows for mutual benefit. The client gets a reduced price on a combination of multiple services, and Elite increases the revenue per client. When clients use our bundle pricing, Elite is able to discount anywhere from $30-50. This helps build long-term relationships, because it shows that Elite wants to help clients save dollars where possible.


Additional Back Office Training

This year, Elite started its training program earlier than ever before. And the results speak for themselves. By giving agents additional time to familiarize themselves with our window cleaning processes, they can be more knowledgeable when speaking to clients over the phone. This dramatically increases the confidence of new clients who have never had our services before. It also leads directly into the next point.


Take Clients Through the Whole Process

Some clients have never seen a water-fed window cleaning system before. Because of this, we make sure to talk clients through what to expect from their appointment. This is important to do, because it provides a sense of security to the client. First, it indicates that they are speaking to someone who knows what they are doing. Second, it sets the expectations for the client. This way, when the technicians arrive to complete the appointment, the client knows exactly what the technicians will be doing. The less surprises for the client, the better an experience they have. Finally, by walking a client through our process, it ensures our technicians will have all the tools they need to complete the job when they arrive. If there is any special equipment required for a certain job, our back office agents will find out.



Standardized pricing. It would be criminal not to talk about how standardized pricing leads to our success. The ability to quote and book appointments over the phone sets Elite apart from every other service company. By providing clients with quotes in minutes (it would take days from a competitor) we give the people what they want, when they want it. Clients are consistently delighted to find out we can provide pricing directly over the phone, with just a few questions. Finally, the standardized pricing that we offer is incredibly reasonable, especially because of the promise Elite gives to every client.


Brand Promise

Perfect Windows, Happy Technicians, Delighted Customers. Satisfaction Guaranteed. At Elite, we pride ourselves on this promise, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every window we clean. For example, if you are not happy with the result we will re-clean your windows free of charge to ensure we are delivering on our promise. We want all of our clients (new and old) to rest assured that they are choosing a professional company that guarantees their work when they choose Elite Window Cleaning.


Closing Thoughts on the Back Office

The growth of Elite in 2021 was because of the collective effort from every department. The tactics used by the back office set up the technicians for success and vice versa. This is why not all of the tactics and strategies discussed are limited to the back office. By understanding where the back office fits into the process at every step, Elite is better equipped to handle the needs to the client. And managing the needs of the client is the ultimate goal in the service industry.


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