Growing Average Job Size in 2021

Growing  Average  Job  Size

Elite used to offer “free screen cleaning” as a go-to discount, but the cost was staggeringly high. This is because free screen cleaning was being offered to any client that made a purchase, even if it was just an exterior cleaning. We were offering $75-100 of free services on a purchase of $98-138.

In 2019, Elite offered over $110,000 of discounts to our clients. But by 2020, Elite dropped that number below $15,000 (over an 86% reduction). Discounts have been held below $15,000 for two consecutive years, while growing the average job size of clients system-wide. 

Here are 3 methods Elite has used to reduce discounts while growing average job size over the past two years.


Strategically  Bundled  Services

Rather than discounting a large service on the smallest purchase (free screen cleaning with exterior window cleaning) we add an additional service that is related to the original purchase and we discount from there.

For example, we offer $31-51 off for clients that get exterior window cleaning, interior window cleaning and deep screen cleaning. Part of the reason we can offer this is because removing and reinstalling the screens is the most time-consuming part of the screen cleaning. If we know that we already have to remove and reinstall them for the window cleaning anyways, then we can discount the pricing on the screen cleaning. This way we can save the client money and stay well within our profit margin, all while growing our average job size. 


Plan  for  Multi-Year  Sales

The Elite business model is based on 80% client retention year-over-year, which we see across our system. We also see that clients increase their average job size the longer they have been using our services.

Because we know this, we train all of our back office agents on the importance of getting a new client to commit. You don’t need to make a massive first-time sale if you know the client is incredibly likely to return next year. In the moment that they call, it’s better to give the client what they want, while hinting that you offer more if they would like. At this point it’s not a hard sell, you’re just providing information. Then it’s the job of our technicians to provide Perfect Windows, Happy Technicians and Delighted Customers (PHD). By giving the client what they want (and then some) you leave them wanting to spend more money with you. This is a much stronger sales tactic than trying to push a whole host of services onto someone the first time they call in.


Technology  in  the  Field

Give technicians the tools to be able to add services to the client bill while they are on-site. Elite does this by using a CRM system called Vonigo. Frequently, we service clients who decide they want additional services only once our team has arrived. We do our best to accommodate in moments like this because it solidifies Elite as a “go-to” provider. We trains our technicians to add services to the bill using vonigo. By doing this we know that we aren’t leaving any money on the table. It also gives customers added confidence when their technicians can speak knowledgeably about all of the services Elite offers as well as the pricing. 


2021   Growth

Using these three strategies, Elite has been able to grow average job size system-wide from 2020 to 2021. Franchise owners are seeing year-to-year growth anywhere from 5 – 25% growth, which reflects $11 – 40. Looking at the landscape of the home service industry in 2021, this level of growth is nothing short of exceptional.

And exceptional is where Elite sets its baseline.


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