My First year as an Elite Window Cleaner

  Weekends off. That is a short, incomplete sentence that hadn’t carried much meaning to me for almost 15 years at my former employment. Along with some other parataxis such as: Working outdoors, evenings off, and winter trips. More common words I would have used to describe my previous profession would have been: stressed, late nights, missed holidays, and fruitless.

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Superheroes Surprise Pediatric Ward at KGH

“It’s a good thing superheroes aren’t afraid of heights.” – BBC News In August of 2016, our usual team that cleans the windows of Kingston General Hospital dressed up as superheroes, to the delight of pediatric patients inside. Patients, visitors and staff looked out their windows to see comicbook favourites coming down the side of the hospital. Spiderman, Batman, Iron

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