The Great Re-Evaluation

The Great Re-Evaluation The great resignation is a myth – it’s actually the great re-evaluation. The vast majority of people cannot survive on government benefits alone. Additionally, the vast majority of government benefit seen at the height of 2020 has stopped. So what is going on when people talk about the great resignation? It really isn’t that complicated. Employees want

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How to Double Marketing ROI in 2021

  How to Double Marketing ROI in 2021 There are two things that you need to do to double marketing ROI. First, narrow the scope of the marketing activities you have chosen to participate in. Second, widen the amount of marketing efforts you are participating in. There is the perception that these methods are at odds with each other. The

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Growing Average Job Size in 2021

Bundling services, planning for multi-year sales and empowering technicians are all methods Elite used for growing average job size in 2021.


Winter Window Cleaning

Warmer Weather means More Winter Window Cleaning The landscape of winter window cleaning is changing dramatically. It is going to be a balmy 12 degrees Celsius today in Kingston, Ontario. This is beautiful weather for window cleaning, and it looks like it’s going to last another week or two at least. This has been the trend for the last couple

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Back Office Highlights 2021

Two of the big achievements of the back office this season are increasing: the average bookings per client and total bookings year-over-year.


The 4 Types of Commercial Clients

In this post, we will break down 4 types of commercial clients Elite looks to attract when building a diversified commercial portfolio. By leveraging these clients, Elite was able to increase revenues by more than 20% across all franchise operations in 2021.


Radio Advertising in 2021

2021 was a year to try out some new radio advertising strategies. It was also a year to invest more heavily in advertising that has performed well in previous years. If you’re looking for some background on what spend in 2020 looked like, read about that here.  In 2021 we knew there was going to be demand for our services

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Growth in 2021

Despite all the challenges of the past 2 years, Elite achieved growth across the board in 2021. This takes 2 major forms: Commercial Growth, and Residential Growth.


Perfect Windows

Perfect Windows, Happy Technicians, Delighted Customers – Satisfaction guaranteed.

This is our promise to all of our clients every single time they use our service.


How to Grow Reviews by 494% in a Season

A History of Trying to Grow Reviews Something incredible is happening this year. We get customer reviews every single day. Over the current season we’ve grown our review count by more than 494%. This is even more incredible when you consider Elite Kingston started this spring season with just 36 reviews from the past 10 years of work.  How could

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