The Great Re-Evaluation

The Great Re-Evaluation The great resignation is a myth – it’s actually the great re-evaluation. The vast majority of people cannot survive on government benefits alone. Additionally, the vast majority of government benefit seen at the height of 2020 has stopped. So what is going on when people talk about the great resignation? It really isn’t that complicated. Employees want

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Finding Passion in Your Work

Finding passion in your work is something we all want right???  Or at least it’s an ideology that most of us think about from time to time.  The trick is realizing that passion isn’t exclusively found in corner offices or executive suites. In fact, I found my passion as far from the boardroom as one can get, the unsexy and

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How I Work Full Time and Travel the World

Hayley Rose: Franchise Coordinator “Working with Chris and Elite showed me what it’s like to dream big: you always keep trying to improve and stay positive when things don’t go quite how you planned; you build a team of like minded people and trust them with their responsibilities. The constant drive towards the unknown parallels with working seasonally to travel,

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