Water Fed Pole Trends

This report is written to identify water fed pole trends and highlight the key indicators of major growth across the industry


Elite Window Cleaning 2020 Season (Why We Survived)

The following sentence perfectly describes the Elite 2020 Season. We’re still here cleaning windows, it just looks a little different sometimes.


Toronto Fall Homeshow

We had a fantastic time offering window cleaning at the Fall Homeshow in Toronto last weekend. We met a lot of great people and discussed their window cleaning needs and concerns; we’ll make sure to follow up shortly, and provide you with the cleanest windows in your neighbourhood.  Catch our Job Pods driving around the Greater Toronto Area. We’ll be

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Elite Whiteboard Video

We developed some more awesome content for you to enjoy, along with your freshly cleaned windows.  $98 window cleaning available on homes up to 2800 SqFt. Call or book online today!


Finding A Home Where You Work

After graduating from post-secondary in Marketing Communications, I had spent years working as a freelance content creator taking contracts and small jobs as a means of survival. By doing this, I had the pleasure of working alongside a lot of different marketing teams: planning and developing content to help promote their brand, event, and even musicians and bands. Working with

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Elite Up From The Feet Up

In the spirit of cross-genre blending Elite are uniquely combining hip-hop and window cleaning to create a style all their own. Mixing fresh bars with even cleaner windows, a truly irreplaceable sound.   The song is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. If you’d like to download the song now, you can do so here:

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Chemical Free Window Cleaning

Elite is proud to maintain the environment we work in by using chemical-free window cleaning technology, 100% pure water. With our three-part filtration system, our lines run water containing zero mineral, zero sediments and zero parts per million which we then send through our extendable carbon fiber water-fed poles to clean your windows. The custom microfibre brushes scrub any dirt,

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Believing In The Work You Do – Taking Pride & Being Supported

Pictured above is Nathan Cameron, a new addition to the Franchise network for the 2019 season. Nathan is the Franchise Owner for the Belleville-Brighton-Napanee area and worked with the Elite corporate office for a season before deciding to run his own operation. As we start preparing for our 2019 season we wanted to ask our Franchisees some questions about how

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Elite Origins – “It All Fit Into The Car”

Elite Window Cleaning started in 2012 as a commercial high-rise window cleaning company because founder Chris Stoness knew he could do it better than the companies he had been working under for years. After becoming a business owner he started to look at the industry with fresh eyes and quickly realized how drastically under-serviced the residential market was and the

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Growing a Scalable Business in a 35-Week Year

Pictured above is Adam Stroud, Franchise Owner for the Ottawa-Carleton Place region. As we start preparing for our 2019 season we wanted to ask our Franchisees some questions about how their introduction to Elite Window Cleaning began, what about their 35-week year they enjoy the most and if they have any goals for the coming year (for more info on

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