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Back Office Highlights 2021

Two of the big achievements of the back office this season are increasing: the average bookings per client and total bookings year-over-year.


Radio Advertising in 2021

2021 was a year to try out some new radio advertising strategies. It was also a year to invest more heavily in advertising that has performed well in previous years. If you’re looking for some background on what spend in 2020 looked like, read about that here.  In 2021 we knew there was going to be demand for our services

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Growth in 2021

Despite all the challenges of the past 2 years, Elite achieved growth across the board in 2021. This takes 2 major forms: Commercial Growth, and Residential Growth.


Finding Passion in Your Work

Finding passion in your work is something we all want right???  Or at least it’s an ideology that most of us think about from time to time.  The trick is realizing that passion isn’t exclusively found in corner offices or executive suites. In fact, I found my passion as far from the boardroom as one can get, the unsexy and

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Why a Window Cleaning Franchise is a Great Investment

This article will go through the 5 best reasons as to why an Elite Window Cleaning Franchise is a great investment. For more information on our Franchise Ownership Program Click Here.   1. Back Office Support Firstly, all Franchise Owners are provided with full-time back office support. For example, your calls and online bookings will be answered by a sales

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How Marketing Support Turned $13,810 into $229,402 (in 2020)

Our Franchise Owners are excited! Let’s look at some of the reasons why the 2020 season was a huge success for our marketing support team.


Elite Window Cleaning Back Office Support

Above all, we created the back-office to give our Franchise Owners the ability to focus on growing their business and building client relationships, without missing a beat on behind-the-scenes elements.


3 Best Reasons to Buy an Elite Window Cleaning Franchise for 2021

Elite Window Cleaning Franchise Best Reasons to Buy. 1. Primed areas with existing clients 2. Back office support. 3. No National Competitor

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