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Meet Jahmalle from Scarborough

As a long time Scarborough resident I have spent many years watching the city I love evolve. When I was introduced to Elite Window Cleaning this past year, I saw it as an important opportunity to contribute to the community that I grew-up in as it ...

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Ice Dams: How to identify and prevent them

  What is an ice dam? Short answer: An ice dam is the ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof which prevents melting snow from draining as it should. The water that backs up behind the ice dam can leak into the home and cause damage to walls, ...

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The Benefits Of Solar Panel Cleaning

Although it doesn’t really occur to many people, solar panels can get quite dirty. There are many external influences that can make a panel dirty, including dust, road grime and bird or bat droppings to name a few. A photovoltaic (PV) system performs ...

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My First year as an Elite Window Cleaner

  Weekends off.  That is a short, incomplete sentence that hadn’t carried much meaning to me for almost 15 years at my former employment. Along with some other parataxis such as: Working outdoors, evenings off, and winter trips.  More common ...

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