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Finding A Home Where You Work

After graduating from post-secondary in Marketing Communications, I had spent years working as a freelance content creator taking contracts and small jobs as a means of survival. By doing this, I had the pleasure of working alongside a lot of different ...

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Elite Up From The Feet Up

In the spirit of cross-genre blending Elite are uniquely combining hip-hop and window cleaning to create a style all their own. Mixing fresh bars with even cleaner windows, a truly irreplaceable sound.   The song is available on all streaming ...

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Chemical Free Window Cleaning

Elite is proud to maintain the environment we work in by using chemical-free window cleaning technology, 100% pure water. With our three-part filtration system, our lines run water containing zero mineral, zero sediments and zero parts per million which ...

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Believing In The Work You Do – Taking Pride & Being Supported

Pictured above is Nathan Cameron, a new addition to the Franchise network for the 2019 season. Nathan is the Franchise Owner for the Belleville-Brighton-Napanee area and worked with the Elite corporate office for a season before deciding to run his own ...

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