At Elite Window Cleaning our core values are Innovation, Gratitude, Commitment and Fun. By living these values day-in and day-out we’ve created a model which gives Franchisees the tools to build the future they want all while working a 35-week season.

Our founders leveraged their years of experience as window cleaners to create the most technologically advanced window cleaning system on the planet, the job pod (read our origin story here or scroll down for details of the pod). The other end of our system is a support network called the back-office, which is a corporate-run facility that handles incoming calls, scheduling, route-mapping, invoicing, collections, digital marketing and brand awareness. We created the back-office to give our Franchisees the ability to focus on growing their business, impressing clients and enjoying their work without getting overwhelmed by little technical details. We’ve lowered the barriers of entry to the market both physically and strategically which means Franchisees get to grow a highly profitable and scalable business in their 35-week year, then take the winter off to enjoy the rewards of all their hard work. It is our belief that work should complement and empower you to have the freedom you want in your life and we are excited to show you the tools to get you there.


There is nothing else available on the market like the Elite Job Pod, plain and simple. The first prototype was brought from vision-to-life with the help of an aerospace engineer and since then we have refined it through ten different models to get to where it is now – the pinnacle of technological advancement and efficiency in the window cleaning market. From the customized stainless steel pure water holding tanks, to the easy access filtration and delivery systems, capable of cleaning windows up to 60’ high without the use of ladders or aerial lifts, everything is housed inside the vehicle. While working, there is no need to unload anything other than the poles used to clean and a hose to attach to a water bib of the property. This quick and easy turnaround allows us to emphasize on efficiency and price, and we are able to reach markets that didn’t know they could afford window cleaning three times a year. This opens up incredible opportunities for our Franchisees to aggressively expand and it’s because the Job Pod was designed with this strategy in mind. No other system available on the market today can compete with the quality, efficiency and price the Elite Window Cleaning Job Pod brings to the field!

Inside the Job Pod:

2017/18 Nissan Versa Note:

  • Custom Wrapped to Align with Corporate Elite Window Cleaning Branding
  • 1 Custom Built Stainless Steel Water Tank and Storage Compartment
  • 1 Custom Built Water Filtration System Equipped with Holding Tanks, and Outlet in the Bumper

More Details:

  • Uniform Package – All Articles Branded with Elite Window Cleaning Inc. Logo
  • 2 x 35′ 100% Carbon Fibre Water-Fed Poles with Brushes
  • 2 x 11′ Carbon Fibre Pole Extensions
  • 2 x Additional Brush Heads
  • 1 x 15′ Telescopic Ladder (Yes, it actually fits in the Versa. See bottom right of interior photo)
  • Custom Elite Window Cleaning Interior Window Kit
  • Tool Kit with Extra Parts for the System
  • Additional Tools for Services Outside of Window Cleaning
Residential Window Cleaning Vehicle - $98 Exterior Window Cleaning


At Elite Window Cleaning, we aim to create a company culture that delivers an incredible work/life balance for our franchisees. We understand the value of your free time and are dedicated to offering a world class back-office support system to allow our Franchisees more time to focus on continued growth without being bogged down by paperwork, software or non-stop phone calls.

We also provide consistent business support through our Franchise Coordinator (Hayley Rose, read about her here). Our founders, with over 25 years of window cleaning experience between them, have developed a two-week training program that encompasses topics like: Entrepreneurial Coaching, Building a High Performance Team, Leadership Management, Window Cleaning Techniques, Ground Level Marketing Strategies and Ground Level Sales Tactics.

As mentioned earlier on this page, the back-office support services handled by our cooperate team are:

  • Incoming calls
  • Scheduling
  • Route-Mapping
  • Invoicing
  • Collections (up to 60 Days)
  • Digital Marketing and Brand Awareness


If you’re skeptical at this point we get it. Window cleaning isn’t where a lot of our team saw themselves working long-term, but since taking the plunge each member has busted their ass to perfect a system we are pushing across North America and we are incredibly proud.

This pride comes from building something that is our own, from putting in extra hours in the rain to make sales, from going the extra mile with every client to ensure we are the only option they consider. It comes from putting in hard work and being rewarded accordingly.

If you would like to get in contact with us we have an email form below, or call (1-844-353-4835) – we might have an opportunity for you, just ask our team…

Adam Stroud – Ottawa/Carleton Place Franchisee

Hayley Rose – Franchise Coordinator

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