MEET JAHMALLE – Franchise Owner Of Scarborough

I was born and raised in Scarborough, so I have spent many years watching the city I love, evolve into what it is today. When I met the Chris’s at a franchise expo, I saw it as an opening to give something back to the community that I grew-up in. The same place that is now building our next generation. This was a rare and important opportunity that I couldn’t let pass.


I am now providing a service that many people in my community can benefit from. This job for me, is more than cleaning windows.

It gives me a unexplaniable satisfaction when I am driving through my neighbourhood and see the businesses and houses that I have worked on. It’s a sense of accomplishment, giving back to my city, knowing ‘Yes I did that!’

For this reason, I cannot wait to grow the Elite Window Cleaning brand in my region. With an amazing team of people who embody the same vision, mixed with the services we provide, there is no doubt that we will become the go to, premiere window cleaning service in the GTA. From our process, the car, our technology, the overall identifiability of the company, all the way to the internal community we have behind the scenes. We have an amazing team where everyone plays a major role in the success of each other.


My favourite part about Elite Window Cleaning, to be honest, are the customers! They make a big difference in my everyday. Meeting so many friendly and humble people means each work week is better then the one before.

I enjoy when customer are interested in what I am doing. Showing them what makes us, Cleaner, Safer, Better, makes an amazing work experience.

I also love being outdoors, it is a plus after the long winters we have. Not many people get to take advantage of being outdoors during our warm seasons, having indoor jobs. For me, it is a dream, to feel the warm sun on my skin everyday.

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