Meet Jahmalle from Scarborough

As a long time Scarborough resident I have spent many years watching the city I love evolve. When I was introduced to Elite Window Cleaning this past year, I saw it as an important opportunity to contribute to the community that I grew-up in as it supports the next generation.

I am now providing a service that many people in my area can benefit from; this job is more than cleaning windows. The customers make a big difference in my everyday job satisfaction.  Meeting so many friendly and humble people adds so much to my sense of community within Scarborough.  I enjoy when customers are interested in what I am doing and I can show them what makes us the Cleaner, Safer, and Better experience.

It gives me an unexplainable satisfaction when I am driving through my neighbourhood to see the businesses and houses that I have worked on. It’s a sense of accomplishment and giving back, knowing ‘Yes, I did that!’

I feel very lucky to spend most of my days outdoors during our warm seasons. It is a dream to feel the warm sun on my skin everyday after a long winter!

I cannot wait to grow the Elite Window Cleaning brand into the premiere window cleaning service in the Greater Toronto Area. There is no doubt that we will become the go to cleaners with the guaranteed services we provide at our affordable prices.  

From the booking of clients with professional quotes to the JobPod’s state of the art water purification technology, the process is proven to give quality results.  We have an amazing team who embody the same vision of being better at all that we do. 


Jahmalle is currently growing the Scarborough district and taking cleaning appointments for interior & exterior window, screen, eavestrough, siding, and pressure washing services.  Please give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a quote over the phone.  Enjoy a cleaner home today!

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