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Our Residential Services

At Elite, we strive for excellence and take pride in every job that we do. We offer a wide variety of window cleaning and gutter cleaning services for residential homes, and our trained technicians are always ready to ensure that each job is completed safely and efficiently.

We aim to build long lasting relationships with every one of our customers to keep your property always looking its best.

Exterior Window Cleaning

At Elite Window Cleaning, we offer the best price and safest way to have your exterior windows perfectly cleaned. We have built our business on this reputation and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every window we clean.

Cleanest Water

Our three-step filtration process ensures that your windows are being washed with the purest water possible, which helps to keep your windows cleaner – for longer.

Respect for your Property

Because our water fed pole system keeps our cleaning technicians firmly planted on the ground, there is no need to lean ladders against your house. Our technicians are also trained to use extra caution around gardens, BBQ’s and patio furniture when cleaning windows above.

window cleaning testimonials staff member cleaning a screen

Full Service – Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning

Every interior window cleaning comes with a complementary cleaning of your window frames and sills.  As well, we offer optional steaming of tracks and deep screen cleaning.

Deep Screen Cleaning

Each of our crews is outfitted with a water-fed screen cleaning machine. The system scrubs the screens and rinses them with purified water. This helps to remove and flush out stubborn dirt and grime that a simple screen dusting leaves behind.

Window Track Cleaning

Our technicians get into every nook and cranny with our special anti-microbial solution and a microfibre cloth to eliminate mold, dirt & mildew, and to help keep your tracks looking clean and mold/mildew-free longer.

ladderless gutter cleaning

Ladderless Gutter Cleaning

At Elite Window Cleaning we use a GutterVac system, which can reach eaves troughs up to 40-feet high while the operator remains firmly planted on the ground. The system utilizes a power vacuum and carbon fibre poles – guided by a wireless camera – to look into and suck out all debris from your gutters.

Risk Free

With this GutterVac system our technicians are able to clean gutters safely and effectively without the risks associated with ladder usage.

Wireless Snap-Shots

The wireless camera gives our technician a clear view of what is inside your gutters to ensure that everything is removed, and technicians will be able to provide a “Before and After” photo to show you how effective the cleaning was.

Siding Cleaning

At Elite Window Cleaning we use a soft-wash pole-fed system to get houses shining again. Our extendable poles reach up to 60 feet and all of our technicians carry a special solution – sodium hypochlorite – to remove extra stubborn mildew, algae, moss and dirt.

No Pressure Washing on Siding

We DO NOT use pressure washers for siding cleaning. Our experience from the field and external research has shown pressure washers to be a liability, in relation to both the integrity of the siding and potential water damage.

Pressure Washing

Our technicians are outfitted with pressure washers for jobs large and small – just not on siding. Soft quotes can be offered online or over-the-phone, but a technician will need to confirm pricing in-person for new jobs.