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Our Commercial Services

Elite’s team of trained professionals are ready to help your business or condo cooperation with all of your exterior maintenance needs. Let our spotless safety record and years of experience help you achieve the best possible results with minimal interference to your residents and staff.

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post construction high rise window cleaning

High-Rise and Low-Rise Condominium and Commercial Window Cleaning

Our Certified Rope-Access Technicians will build a site specific Job Hazard Analysis plan for each individual site to see that each project is being completed in a safe and efficient manner.

With over 100 High-Rises cleaned annually across Ontario, our team has the training, knowledge and skills to help access windows up to 300 feet high.

Deep Screen Cleaning

Our water-fed screen cleaning system scrubs and rinses screens with purified water. This helps remove and flush out even the most stubborn dirt and grime.

walkways and driveways powerwashing

Exterior and High-Rise Pressure Washing

Whether it is an underground parking lot or a High-Rise condominium facade, our skilled team members are capable of completing all of your pressure washing needs.

Although major pressure washing projects can seem like a large undertaking, our years of experience and expertise sees to it that the project is completed on time and with minimal disruption to your residents.

Our pressure washing team is capable of accessing areas as high as 300 feet.

commercial rope window cleaning

Post-Construction Window Cleaning

We take the absolute most care to remove construction debris from your windows in the most non-abrasive way possible. This helps to prevent any scratching of the glass or UV tint. Our staff are trained in many different techniques to remove construction materials like paint, concrete, caulking or stickers without the use of a razor blade.

Safety Certified

While on your commercial site you can expect our workers to be wearing full required PPE and have a valid Fall Arrest card with them. We have a spotless safety record and strive to keep it that way for years to come.

ladderless gutter cleaning

Ladderless Gutter Cleaning

Our technicians clean rain gutters using our GutterVac system, which reaches eaves troughs up to 40-feet high while the operator remains safely on the ground. The system utilizes carbon fibre poles and a power vacuum guided by a wireless camera, to suck out debris from your gutters.

Wireless Snap-Shots

Our wireless camera gives our technician a clear view of the insides of your gutters to ensure everything is removed, and we can even provide a “Before and After” picture to demonstrate the effectiveness of the cleaning.