Your roof and gutters are not designed to retain water. However, when gutter blockages get in the way, this is exactly what they are forced to do. The results can be detrimental to the integrity of your property. From water damage to the growth of mold and cracks in the siding and foundation, these issues should be avoided at all costs. Professional gutter cleaning from Elite Window Cleaning of Kingston can help you properly care for and maintain your home’s drainage system so that it continues to move water away from your property without being hindered by blockages.

What to Know About Our Gutter Cleaning Services in Kingston

There are a number of things that can cause your gutters to become clogged. Twigs and leaves are major culprits, as are animal nests and even shingle sediment. What is important is that your gutters are cleaned on a regular basis to ensure they won’t be inundated with standing water come the next heavy rainfall.

Fortunately, maintaining clean and clear gutters is simple when you partner with Elite Window Cleaning of Kingston. Take a look at what you can expect from our professional services:

  • Protection for your property. Our services can help protect the integrity of your home by removing the debris that could otherwise result in a failing gutter system. Additionally, we protect your home by avoiding ladder use whenever possible to protect your flower beds and siding as we work.
  • Innovative use of technology. We leverage the power of the latest technology to carefully clean your gutters while keeping our feet on the ground. Thanks to equipment like GoPro cameras, high-CFM vacuums, and an advanced composite pole system, we are able to stay safe and provide comprehensive results without any compromises.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can trust that we will safely and effectively clean your gutters while respecting your home and landscaping elements and maintaining a positive, customer-oriented attitude every step of the way. Should there ever be an issue, you’ll have our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to fall back on.

Clean and Clear Gutters, Quality Guaranteed

Keep your gutters clean, clear, and functioning properly with help from our experienced technicians. Reach out to us today for an instant quote, and then book a visit at your convenience!

For more information about gutter cleaning in Kingston, Gananoque, South Frontenac, Amherstview, or a community in the surrounding areas, contact Elite Window Cleaning of Kingston at (343) 321-0558!

Clean and Clear Gutters, Quality Guaranteed

Elite Window Cleaning’s professional gutter cleaning services takes the risk and the worry out of cleaning your gutters right. We use state of the art equipment and only professional trained technicians.

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Quick and efficient service with sparkling windows as a result.

Susan D.

A truly professional, thorough, efficient team! Not only did they clean the gutters, windows and skylights, they also cleaned the window tracks, screens, and exterior window trim. I would definitely recommend Elite Window Cleaning!

Joanne M.

Wonderful service!! They arrived on time, performed the task, were very respectful of my property. They did an excellent job cleaning my siding. I highly recommend them to any and all… I for sure will be using them again. Thanks Ethan and Lucas for a job really well done!!

Jean M.

This was our third year with Elite Window Cleaning, for exterior window cleaning. They did a great job again. Staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional, booking online was easy and efficient, communication was great. We will use them again!

Donna W.

Perfect job everytime! Elite cleans my exterior store windows and door. They even take the time to clean up the mayflies and ledges. Great price and Absolutely worth it!

Krystal N.

Worth every penny! Duncan and Lucas did a fabulous job…my windows look awesome. Highly recommend Elite window cleaning. Thanks so much!!

Lindsay W.
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  • Deep Screen Cleaning – Screen cleaner doesn’t use purified water – Brushes loosen dirt and debris and low pressure water is used to flush out the screens leaving them looking like new.
  • Window Track Cleaning – Our technicians get into every nook and cranny and use microfibre cloth The power of Steam to eliminate mold, dirt, and mildew. We make sure to leave your windows and tracks spotless when you ask for extra This detailed services.
  • Soft Washing – At Elite Window Cleaning we offer the transformative power of soft wash! Unlike traditional pressure washing, we use low-pressure equipment and biodegradable cleansers to safely and thoroughly clean your exterior home surfaces without causing any damage and leaving your home looking immaculate and refreshed. Our process kills the organic matter in moss and lichen leaving your homes exterior looking its best.


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